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i seam to be over here now?

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hi guys ive been looking into a new build recently and i wanted a quad or even an i7 but sod paying an arm and a leg! so i decided to take a look at AMD i dont have a clue about AMD but im looking to bulid the best AMD rig Possible and i need some help i need a Processor and a mobo and some Ram i like the 720BE and the 920 but is there any thing better or anything i should know before going AMD?

Please Help me im no longer INTEL LOL.
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All of you fail..... The best AMD build out there right now is till in the hands of AMD. Patiently wait another month and then get the Phenom 945 plain and simple. It is all the Phenom II's are based on with out anything disabled. That and an 790FX DDR3 Mobo and GPu's of choice. 3 4890 1gb should do. The answer for AMD right now is wait to see what april 6th has in store.
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