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I think my psu Killed my components.

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My problem is I was installing my psu, which is a thermltake 875watt toughpower (80 plus bronze) for my 6950. Now, previously I placed strain on my sata cables, which caused a "static" flamely short out now my hard drives and ssd don't detect. But my motherboard,cpu,ram and optical drive detects. Its happened twice now. Though when I had my old antec 550 watt true power Power supply, with my old gts 450 no problems occoured. Once I placed my 6950 and 875 watt psu in the existing system it killed my HDD'S and ssd. I then bought another mobo, ssd and hdds and killed them again. I using the same PSU.

Stupid of me I know. I think my PSU is the reason my SATA controller dies every time. If someone could tell me another reason that'll be nice.

Note: nothing is overclocked in this system apart from my graphics card which is factory over clocked. Also my 875watt psu used to work perfect with my i5 750 (quad core) 1156 cpu.


AMD 8350 4.0 GHz

1GB gddr5 6950 gigabyte (OC version)

8GB kingston ram (1333mhz)

Recently placed in Thermaltake 875watt bronze certified. Which I think is the problem.
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Ive read you post two times now and i have probably brain damage, but i dont understand what exactly you need help with? Cause you have answer you question about the faulty psu yourself. I think its your psu aswell, that killed your components. Have you gotten a new psu? If not maybe throw in your old psu if u still got it! But i googled your psu and it has alot of good features as
"short circruit protection", look at the different options here: http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/3736/thermaltake_toughpower_xt_875w_power_supply/index.html .

Does the psu still got warranty or such cause if the psu killed your components you shoulöd mail thermaltakes support and tell them that you got a faulty psu from them and that you want to be reimbursed for the psu and the components it killed cause of a faulty psu! So my advice is check for warranty and if it got it, contact thermaltake customer support! Good luck!

Just checked and u got 5 year warranty on that psu, taken from the site i linked to "Thermaltake backs the power supply with a 5 year warranty for further good measure."
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There is no warranty on it any more, also I opened it up and saw there was a short in parts of the PSU! I may you another PSU, but from Antec or...... corsair.
Antec sounds better. Otherwise I'll just use my 550 watt.
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