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I want more from my PS3 !

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Well Ive been browsing the Internet and found alot of nice utilities I can get running on my PS3...Great. My question is though can I run multiple bootable partitions. I know you have to format to install another OS such as YDL, However If I where to put YDL on can I also install another app without having to format and loose YDL.

Also are there any other suggestions of other utilities I can use on the PS3..Legal of course though.
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as far as i know you can only have the two partitions, the "other OS" and the xmb. not sure what else you could load on the other besides YDL.
Yeah this is what I was afraid of. Well im getting hold OF YDL and will install it once I get a USB mouse and keyboard hooked up and go from there.
sweet, let me know how that is. i wanted to install YDL when i first got my PS3 but from what i heard YDL still wasn't very good. have they made changes to it?
Well with 5.02 they have made a few changes. Remember you can update YDL.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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