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I want to destroy my laptop...

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I heard about overclocking a few days ago, and I have a very old and crappy laptop that I do not use anymore. It is an IBM ThinkPad, Pentium 3. I have no idea how to overclock, so if anyone can fill me in, I would greatly appreciate it.
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odd lol id love to have a spare pc to do something like that o_O man. i need to get like 50$ for on ebay lol great idea!

edit. maybe il like make it smoke and stuff maybe a few sparks!
Standard laptops cannot be overclocked, even if you could you would not get very far.
prettymuch all laptops are pre-built, there for you have to find ways of accessing the bios.

And IBM locks their stuff up good, i know from experience trying to overclock my desktop.
Sorry men but it's going to be impossible for you, maybe you can find hacks, Because first maybe they locked the BIOS, and secondly I'm sure they blocked the FSB and maybe the voltage so It's nearly impossible.
Let it burn................Let it burn.............
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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