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I Want to Quadruple-Boot BartPE, ERD Commander 5, ERD Commander 6, and ophcrack

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Well, why not? It'd be the perfect Rescue CD. ERD 5 for bootloader password and all the lovely stuff ERD can do for XP/2003/2000/etc and ERD 6 for Vista/Win7/?/etc. BartPE for the less OS Specific stuff, like virus-scanning and such.

I initially wanted to dual-boot ERD 6 and 5, so I could use one disk for Pre and Post-Vista Windows OSs, and I decided to pull a bootloader from a Vista x86/x64 Install DVD (don't ask me where I got it
), and edit it with EasyBCD to edit in the ERD 5 bootloader (seeing as ERD 5 is XP-based), and modify the Windows Install entry to the ERD 6 boot files.

Unfortunately, that wasn't possible.

I proceeded to pull the BCD off of the ERD 6 bootloader and tried to edit in ERD 5. that didn't work, either. Why? EasyBCD hates to edit BCDs that aren't the main OSs BCD.

So, that's a real issue. BartPE will be easy enough to edit in if I can get the ERD 5 entry edited in and working.

But, I was reading another thread on OCN about a guy who needed to extract the password on his XP machine. Someone suggested ophcrack, and I had an idea.

ophcrack isn't Windows-based, so none of this :swearing: BCD crap. Not sure what, exactly, it uses as a bootloader, but anything's got to be better than BCD. I like the Vista bootloader, but that doesn't seem to be an option =\\

So, what now? GRUB? LILO? It's got to be able to boot Vista and XP, at least. I may or may not include ophcrack, though it'd be handy. If anyone can suggest an easier way of making a BCD that'll suit my purposes, that's what I'd want.
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Originally Posted by Indignity View Post
OCD much?

Quite so, actually.

But really, who wouldn't want the ultimate AIO DVD?
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I've had my share of compilations including one that had 31 different OS variations on it.

I will do one myself when time permits with all of the various applications that I install. The only other reason for not doing it is that people have become wise to image their installs these days.

Good Luck!

Found this...

It either doesn't work, or I don't know how to use it properly =\\.

Any suggestions?
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