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I want to really stress a new HD - how should I do it?

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I actually have two new WD Black 750GB SATA drives. I intend to move to Win7 but before I do I want to stress each drive for 24-48 hours in the hopes of reducing the possibility of failure in the near term. I've had good luck for long term availability with smaller sized WD Blacks and RE2s (and Seagates for that matter), but for drives this big I'd feel better about stressing them at the start to weed out any marginal drives.

So what's out there that can test out random sectors over a prescribed period of time for this kind of thing?
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Yeah, I was thinking of either that or HDTune Pro, but I don't think either one can be set up for continuous or repetitive running.
Okay. I'll give it a try, but what's the recommendation for how to set it up to do what I want?
Make sure you focus on random reads/writes and seek time tests. Sequential transfers don't stress squat.
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