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i want to set up a halo 2 server

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hi everyone,

i am running vista x64 right now, and am thinking of running a halo 2 dedicated server on my pc.
i am doubling my ram to 4gb right away, and then was hoping to leave my pc on 24/7 for halo 2 to run. i also got a second computer i was going to use to play halo 2 on and connect to my own server.

any advise?
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yeah - buy a server. Put the server on your least capable computer, because your bandwidth is probably going to be your bottleneck. What is your upload bandwidth speed btw? You'll need a pretty hearty upload of atleast a bare minimum of 1mbits/s to even utilize a server with 10 slots, maybe less?
i have a 25 mbits/s download and a 1mbits/s upload on my primary internet account. I also have a secondary line in my house that has a 10mbits/s download and a 1mbits/s upload.

i think i can get it to work.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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