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I will be getting new ram in the next few days (1066 DDR2 Dominator)

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This is what I am getting:
Link So i should be able to get some higher OC with lower vcore correct?

I know it is half of what I have now, but I may be ordering a second pair soon.

Please post what you think I will be able to get with these new sticks.
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Why would you be able to lower your VCORE from having faster memory modules? Did you test to see if your OC was hitting a CPU/fsb/voltage barrier or you assume you hit a memory barrier? Just wondering where you're at for your OC.
no it wont help your oc it may even hurt it having 4 slots full, its a HUGE waste of money, your reapers are not hurting your oc. dont waste your money, and dont buy that ram.
I agree with sgdude. Any possible bandwidth gains with the Dominators would be very small indeed over the memory you have already, and a system performance increase would not be noticable.
I have noticed a block in my OC because I have to though my vcore too high to reach 3.8 (1.45v). Many other places I have gone to haves said to increase my FSB, but I have hit a wall, my max FSB is 400. With 1066, i will have 533. A little bit more room, but it is worth it so i can possibly get my vcore down for even my 3.6 OC (which is at 1.35 in bios) with a higher FSB. Also, i just threw in the bandwidth thing because I assumed I would have extra. The reaper suck hard at OC in the first place and 1066 should be easier to achieve when getting a 1:1 ratio. I am not going to get rid reapers, but if these do not solve it, then i will just keep them for when I get an e8400.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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