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I won a EX58-UD4P in overclocking comp - Sell or upgrade?

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Well as the title said - I won a UD4P in the gigabyte overclocking comp and am wondering if I should sell my CPU (and cooler) , MOBO and ram to upgrade to i7.....OR....just sell the mobo and get a nice 775 quad?

What do you guys think I should do??

(My rig is the same as sig but with 2x 1Gb sticks of 8500 tracers)

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Sell and go i7. Since you got a mobo for free you can go i7 for a little under $400.
sell and go i7.
if you got the mobo free, I say put it to use and go i7. Grats btw
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for sure go i7!
if i got a free x58 mobo, i'd find a way to go i7 personally
I would go i7 myself.
Sell and go i7 as it would be a fantastic jump from you current system.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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