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i wonder

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ok guys first there was regular air, then came water cooling using coolant liquid, now i wonder when they gonna come out with CAR AC FREON lol. if they can just figured out how that freon not to condense thsoe cold air so it wont turn into liquid, what do u guys think? possible or not?
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its called phase change cooling..if you heat the board and freeze the cpu then you can get the low temps with no condensation....that or submurse it in 3M's 1000 dollar a gallon crap that doesnt conduct electricity.....or submerge the board in flour or some other cheap crap if your lazy...or seal the case, like AIR TIGHT and put a crap load of those "do not eat packets" in the bottom, wait a day then freeze phase change the cpu. just crazy ideas, they would work though...
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