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Hi all,
My little brother is running an i5 2320 and ASUS P8H67-M LX. The system has started acting really weird, all of a sudden. While in Windows, the entire system will lock up all of a sudden. No BSOD, just a dead lock. I've heard that the H67 chipset has a design flaw in the south bridge, which causes issues with the SATA controller.

Steps already tried:

1. Switched between different BIOS versions - no go.
2. Disabled one core on the CPU - system runs much longer than with all 4 cores, but ultimately locks up.
3. Switched between IDE and AHCI mode, with and without hotplugging - no go.
4. Lowered CPU frequency - works longer, still locks up eventually.
5. Increased CPU, VCCIO and PCH voltage - works for a while, then locks up.
6. Tried reinstalling Windows - locked up during installation.

Any help would be appreciated!

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If the board was not switched out since the Sandybridge chipset flaw there's not much you can do about it but replace the board. You can try running the HDD's on the 6 Gb/s (gray ports) and see if the problem goes away. Apparently the bug only caused the the 3Gb/s ports to fail so if you don't ever plan to use the 3 Gb/s ports (blue ports) then you should have no problem.
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