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i5 2500k Quick Question!

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Hi, I just bought a(n) sandybridge i5 2500k. My question is...
How high can I overclock this bad-boy on a stock cooler/fan?
I just wanna know what the max is. I am upgrading to either a
Noctua DH14, or a H70. Not sure yet! Be willing to give me your
But yeah, once again. I wanna know what the max
clock speed I can get with the stock cooler. OH yeah! What's the
max TDP temp for the i5 2500k? Let me know, thanks!

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I've heard of a couple people getting 4.0 with the stock cooler, but I don't know about that. The stock cooler is crap, plain and simple.
I got mine to 4.0GHz but the idle temp was 45C and under full load reached 85C in under a minute so I put it all the way back down to 3.5 GHz until I get a new cooler.

Edit: oops. you said tdp temp. idk that.
I cannot answer that question because every CPu is different and overclocks in a different way. So try it for Yourself. But I'm sure You can easily go for 4Ghz.

Max safe temp for 2500K is 72 degree, said by Intel :?.
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Alright, Thanks! I guess I'll just settle with 3.7-3.8 for a sure temporary clock. Till then! I'll have to go and scoop up a new cooler. Any suggestions on coolers?
Thanks for the quick replies by the way!
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For a cooler, I hear the Hyper 212+ is the best for a small budget, and then there's many that suggest the Noctua DH14. but I don't know anything about coolers so it may be best to do some research on a few different ones.
You should very easily hit 4.0 on the stock cooler. I HIGHLY suggest you go with the Noctua over the H70. And yes, the 212+ is easily the best cooler you can buy below $50. It's very easy to install and its cooling performance is astounding. I don't even have 2 fans on mine, nor a better single fan. I'm just using the stock CM fan it came with. Throw 2 Scythes/better fans on it and that sucker will cool below ambient! (lol that part is just a joke)

(For the record, asking for rep is against OCN rules, I'd edit your post to remove that)
Actually if Your temps are below 85 You should be good with it. You'd have to ask other people with 2500K what are their temperatures, but i think below 85 degree is safe for any modern Intel CPU.

Edit: And yeas Noctua D14 is one of the best coolers on the market, but it's expensive too. If You don't have enough money just go with Hyper 212+
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Alright, Thanks for the update on the OCN rules! Didn't know.
Not on this site much unless I really need help or seeking info.
Dam, I'd be happy if I can get to 4.0 on the stock cooler, Not gonna take
my chances though, haha! Yeah, I guess I'm just going to chill on
the overclocking, and just clock it to 3.7-3.8 (I'll go to 4.0 depending on my temps
after I clock it on full load) As you can see, I went from AMD ---> Intel. I hate
seeing my temps above 65, but apparently... Intel can handle alot more heat
than AMD can... therefore, I guess that's where I'll take a risk and clock it till
it hits 75C full load.
stock cooler on 2500k is like a sniper rifle with iron sights.....

Noctua ftw.
I'd be afraid of going that high, at least on a regular basis. For SB I'd try to stick right around 70C max, maybe 72C being acceptable.
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Alright thanks! I Guess I'll go out and grab a Hyper 212+... lol.
Anybody got a monitor that hits 1920x1080 resolution for sale? I need one!
The stock turbo multiplier on the 2500k is 37, so you don't exactly need to overclock to get there. 4.0ghz should not be a problem on the stock cooler until you get a better alternative and you might not even need to change the vcore to get there depending on your chip. Good luck and have fun!
Lol @ asking for rep after you just asked for help.

ND14 is better then h70, but the h70 doesn't have problems with ram clearance which is nice.
You bought good cpu, becouse amd suck! And gulftown suck too are too expensive, but you should buy 2600k is better than 2500k.

Originally Posted by mexer
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You bought good cpu, becouse amd suck! And gulftown suck too are too expensive, but you should buy 2600k is better than 2500k.

??? wth Great help there guy.
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I'd have to say 4ghz with stock (remember 2500k = no HT = less heat) and 5ghz + with H70
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Originally Posted by mexer;13122374
You bought good cpu, becouse amd suck! And gulftown suck too are too expensive, but you should buy 2600k is better than 2500k.
i smell a fanboy...everyone knows the sb is good..no need to compare old hardware to latest hardware...compare to the upcoming bulldozer. you might wanna repharse that until we see the results of the bulldozer.
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@mexer lol, thanks for stating the obvious.... and no, AMD does't SUCK! you do.
Besides... sleepergsr is right... Bulldozer is coming out... Likely to stomp on the sandy bridge.
@rainmaker regardless of it not having HT... it's not just the heat... it's the voltages too.
From what I learned, Intel does't take voltages too well!
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