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i5-3570K delidded at least 4.7GHz capable and Asus P8Z68-V / GEN3

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I have for sale a i5-3570K that I delidded and used coolabs ultra. For the most part I have always ran the chip at 4.4GHz or 4.5GHz but it can at least do 4.7GHz and I never tried going above. 4.7GHz @ 1.304v the temps are in the mid 60s.

Also for sale is a ASUS P8Z68-V / GEN3 It is what I used to run that CPU. The CPU is in the board right now and I believe I have it set for either 4.4GHz or 4.5GHz completely stable on my DDR-1866 memory. Pretty sure it is at 4.4GHz but if I am wrong then it is at 4.5GHz

I am selling it for $280 $270 + actual shipping costs. Sold pending payment local pickup. USPS Flate Rate 2-3 Day anywhere in the US is $11.50. I will cover the packaging but whatever way you want it shipped to wherever you want it shipped you will pay the shipping costs.

I am willing to trade for a dirt cheap 1155 board with a locked i3 or i5. Must have HDMI out on the board.

The box will fit in a USPS flat rate medium box so I believe that is $11.50 plus any special tracking or insurance.

My heatware is givmedew and I had to give a person negative feedback a while back so of course in return I received negative feedback.

If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason please send it back undamaged and I will refund your money. If you are unhappy at some fault of mine I will cover at least the return shipping. If you are unhappy because of some blatant error or mistake on my part I would refund the original shipping and pay for your return shipping.

If you end up purchasing this please make sure that you search for other items I have for sale.

Also please don't ask me how much for just the chip or how much for just the motherboard. Give me an offer if you are going to ask. I will take trades for just the CPU or just the motherboard as well. Do not for any reason ask for free shipping. If you have an offer give me an offer but remember that shipping will be on top of that. My zipcode is 60632 I will ship USPS, FedEx, or UPS whatever you want. If we end up doing a trade I will pay for the shipping of your item to me and you will pay for the shipping of my item to you so please be prepared for that and do not include shipping prices in your offers even for trade. You buy my CPU and it costs $3 to ship it then you pay $3 if I am getting a board from you I pay the $12.35 this is fare. Same goes the other way around. I buy your cpu and you buy my board I will be paying the small fee for the chip and you will be paying the larger fee for the board. I know that sounds difficult but it isn't and I am not absorbing unknown shipping costs anymore.

Thanks and you will be happy with your purchase. This isn't the first board/CPU that I sold/traded on this forum. The chip is def a fine sample I cherry picked it out of systems that I built.

You can read the batch info on the picture so if that is important to you then look.

Also a note on dibs...

I will honor dibs but it is for sale at overclockers.com as well. If you call dibs and I deny it because someone else called dibs over at overclockers.com I will provide you with proof they called it first. Dibs is very important to me and I have been screwed over on dibs before. I will not do this to you. If you PM me an offer and we both confirm the offer I would ask that you post it as a courtesy to others that you have come to an agreement, I will try and do the same. If you forget to post I will not screw you over if someone comes alone and calls dibs. I will post the proof that we came to an agreement and will not take the higher priced dib.

In other words if you want this call dibs or PM me + call me on the phone if you have an offer so that you can close it out quickly before anyone calls dibs. Also I think I already covered this but DO NOT even talk about shipping in your offers. Flat out shipping is on you and it is on top of whatever the agreed upon price is. That is fair and it lets you have complete control over how the item is shipped.

I had my phone number on this listing but it was removed because it is against the rules so please PM me if you want my telephone number.
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I just want to clarify. I have received PM asking for the total price and no other information as far as location shipping method or an offer of some sort. The total price unless you tell me you want it shipped differently is $280 + $11.50 = $291.50. I just found out that if I purchase the shipping online and print my own label that it is $11.50 instead of the $12.35.

Also I received an offer to trade a different enthusiast board, CPU, and video card but I don't want this stuff for me I want a low end board and CPU for my wife.

Price drop by $10
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