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i5-750, LLC and temps...

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Hey all, I'm sure you've heard this type of question many times before but hear me out on this one, I first tweaked my overclock to 3.8 with 1.28vcore and LLC enabled, highest core temp. was 71C in IBT.

Now this morning I try 1.35v with LLC disabled, cpu-z recognizes it as 1.32v idle and dropping to 1.248v under load, that seems pretty wierd to me considering I could only just boot at 1.28v originally. Oh, and my highest temp. was 60C. Could anyone shed some light on this situation for me please? I would really want the best of both worlds with LLC disabled and 1.28vcore but I doubt vdroop would let me do that, thanks.
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LLC 'corrects' Vdroop (a intel spec) which tries to keep it at the selected vcore or above. (depending on your chip/board)

If it's prime95 stable with LLC off then keep it. It's always a good thing to follow intel spec..

(twocables, clockadile dundee, chicken inferno, dukieho, feel free to correct me)
Thanks for the advice, I did forget to mention I'm using a foxconn socket so maybe in the long run 1.28750 vcore would be better than 1.35, I will do some more testing anyway.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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