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i5-750 OC to 3.6GHz - Target VCore?

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I'm looking at OC-ing my i5-750 to about 3.6 GHz and was wondering what others who have done this have used as their VCore?

I read in the OC guide that to get to 4 GHz 1.35V is recommended. Without having the hardware to play with it (waiting for the UPS delivery as I type this...), I'm not sure how low I can go on the VCore for 3.6 GHz. This will be on a Gigabyte P55A-UD3 board.

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1.35 isn't really "recommended". It's just a voltage that you can use to get to 4.0 on most chips. (No guarantee your chip will).

Anyway, for 3.6 try about 1.25-1.35. (try 1.25 first, then 1.30, then 1.35) Run about 8-12 hours of prime95 to consider your overclock stable. Keep temps under 80c, and you should be all set.

Another thing, the maximum voltage you should use for your CPU Vcore is 1.55, but this doesn't mean you should go to 1.55, just means that if you've got a overclock that requires 1.55 Vcore, then go ahead. As long as you have sufficient coolinng, a good motherboard/socket, all the voltages and other specifications are in spec, then you should be good. (a AC7 pro is not nearly enough for 1.55 Vcore, or even a watercooling setup (well, maybe..)

Basically, there really isn't a target vcore, you just got to try any voltage above, or slightly below your default voltage that is detected with your BIOS or CPU-Z. Stay below 1.55, (I use 1.475, which I suggest you use, too)
You don't need a lot for 3.6Ghz. Something like 1.2v-1.25v

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You don't need a lot for 3.6Ghz. Something like 1.2v-1.25v

it depends on the chip, he could need 500.325 Vcore for all we know.
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Let's hope I don't need 500V! :)
Thanks for the guidelines, I will start around 1.2 and go from there. Just got the parts delivered, looking forward to this!
i got 1.22vcore and VTT 1.21v for 3.6Ghz
Every chip is different. Some require less voltage than others. I recommend starting with 1.3v and working your way down the ladder. Run about an hour of prime small fft - if it passes, keep lowering the voltage until you have found a satisfactory point. When you have reached this point, run 8-12 hours of prime blend and 25 runs of LinX (with all available memory) to test for stability.
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