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i5 750 or i7 860

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I am going to get a P55 motherboard and new RAM but as for the CPU, I'm undecided. I keep asking myself if it is really worth it to get the 860. My question is, is there more to the 860 than a higher clock speed. If yes, is it worth another $80. Also, overclocking. I know the 860 can often hit 4.0+GHz and since I have very efficent watercooling, I'm hoping for higher. Will I be able to go that high with a 750?

I would greatly appreciate some input as I am considering ordering today or tomorrow. And for you Intel guys, you finally won the support of a guy that has been AMD the past 5+ years. Also, I guess I'll have to get someone else to head the Phenomist club as my Phenom is going away soon!

Should I just spring for the LGA1366? I don't plan on spending more than $500 on CPU+MOBO now but I'd hate to regret buying LGA1156 on down the road. And could someone recommend a board that overclocks really well? And SLI/Crossfire is a must, yet another reason I'm going Intel, so I can go with ATI or NVIDIA and still be able to go with a multi-GPU solution without buying a new board.
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Not sure about the Core i5's overclocking ability but the maximum voltage for the Core i7 860 is 1.40v (1.45v is what most people are reporting) yes the Core i7 860 can overclock to 4GHz but I would say that it's at it's limits when overclocked to 4GHz since it requires a lot of voltage.

In the end if you want Hyper-Threading (Core i7 860) or a "regular" Quad-Core CPU (Core i5 750), it's your choice.
i7 860 has:
* Hyperthreading just like the i7 920
* Greater turbo as it can "overclock" itself to over 3.00Ghz

It is also as fast as i7 920 in majority of apps and programs. Of course I can't say it beats it because there are Quad Cores out there from the Q series that can beat the new i5 or i7 in some apps/games.

Personally I am myself having a hard time deciding too what to go with but I think I am going to pick i7 860. Hyperthreading might be something games and programs will use in future and it's turbo along with it's low power consumption over i7 920.
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