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i5 multiplier

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How good or bad is to run the i5 wit 18 or 19 multiplier instead of default 20?
i dont want to overclock over 3.0 ghz until i get my new cooler and i need to lower the multiplier to 18 but i dont know if thats a good idea, will it still run smooth and stable with a lower multiplier? (166x18) instead (133x20)
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Personally after playing with all stock settings and doing some 3DMark06 benchmarking and Last Remnant benchmarking I don't really find a need to OC if you're saying you don't want to go over 3 Ghz. With turbo boost you can already reach 3.2Ghz.

To Answer your question, I have tried 200x18 (passed OCCT(linpack) 2 hrs, 100 pass IBT,10 pass linx, 8 hrs Prime95) with no problems.

I am now testing 180x20 (so far 2 hrs OCCT(linpack) 10 pass IBT, 10 pass linx, running prime95 now)

I find very little difference in performance between the 2 other than my Ram in the 180x20 is only set at 1440.

For benchmarking I don't really think there is a huge difference though the scores do differ from stock to OC, but the 200x18 vs 180x20 have almost no difference in scores. Only real difference is is that I have to use 1.225V vcore for 200x18, while I'm testing 1.218Vcore for 180x20 right now. On all stock default settings vcore ranged from .9V to 1.25V

i5 stock
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You can run it at anything. As long as you get the clocks that you want stable, then you're good. Your PLL might like or dislike some multipliers. Lower multis are fine.
Ok so i made a few changes and im running now at 3.0 ghz
memory multiplier x8

everything seems to run fine but i noticed that the memory frequency
overclocked a little even i tried to keep it the same (1333 mhz)
its now running at 1336 mhz, how good/bad is that? will it run stable
or do i need to keep it under 1333 mhz?
If you bought your memory as 1333 it's probably best to keep it at that frequency, 166 bclock will net you that, you just adjust your multiplier from then on to get a speed you want as bclock and memory speed are tied. I'm personally using 200x19 to keep my ram at 1600 for example.

And I doubt 3mhz would do any harm to the ram over time, mine defaulted to 1603 just under XMP.
My board is rated for 1066 RAM, but you can get 1333 or 1600 to run on it stable, I love the i5 / Asus Board combo, it's REAL sweet!
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