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i7 2600 non k

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hi im just wondering if this a good cpu and will it handle a gtx 780 or the hd 9000 series when it comes out
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It's still an excellent CPU and should be adequate for a single GPU setup.
Any of the Intel processors available on the market today are perfectly capable of handling the new nVidia GPUs. In fact, any processor available on the market today can.

The question is akin to asking if this brain can handle this heart. All brains can handle all hearts. One won't hamper the other. You're best worrying about the capabilities of your chosen motherboard, whichever it may be.

No need to worry!
well i will be my board and how long do u think it last for 2 years

so its a good deal and im just asking will last me 2 year
m just asking will last me 2 years?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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