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Been having a strange issue last few days. First up, specs.

CPU: i7 4770K 4.2Ghz
Board: Z87X-OC
BCLK: 100
Vcore: 1.300V
VRIN: 1.850V
RING: 1.150V
Memory: Kinston HyperX Furey 1866mhz 8GB x 2

Temps are good, 30 celsius at idle, 78 running small fft's on prime95
This setup was rock solid for the last 6 months or so, however a few days ago, the system froze. I run linux, so it happens time to time, just reboot and all is good. But no, after a couple power cycles before post, I was confronted with a boot failure screen, loaded defaults, then booted. All is OK, so I go back into BIOS and select my settings again, and... The next hour was spent just trying to get the thing to boot. Sometimes it was power on for about 2 seconds, then power off, then repeat untill I cut the A/C and started again. Other times it would power on, id get nothing, debug LED was 15. Then other times it would POST, then get halfway into the O/S and lock. Sometimes it would get to the O/S, tun for about 30 seconds, then lock. All the while, persistant boot failures, and loading defaults. Tries cmos clear, no help. Then randomly it booted, ran fine the rest of the night, and for the next couple days. Then same thing happened to me again tonight, same steps taken, same end result, eventually I was back up and running. Does this issue seem like a CPU, or board issue?
I've decided tomorrow to go give the ol credit car a work out, but at this stage have no idea if the issue lies in the CPU or mobo, I'd like to try and avoid replacing both if possible. Well, a good excuse for a z97x and 4790K upgrade (hopefully this one isn't as crap as my 70K is, I seem to read that 1.3v to get stable at 4.2 is right up there) even though I must admit, I am conerned about the board having the same socket placements as that would be a real pain to have to re-do my coolant tubing again lol. (Glad I bought about twice as much as I actually needed)
Anyone that can point me in the right direction, would be greatly appreciated.
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