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i7 860 vs i7 870 Testing help please

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Hello guys and girls, I have just completed my first build and have two Intel CPU's to test; Intel i7 860 and the i7870. I am new to this and would love your help to test both.

I have installed the i7 860 now installed windows 7 64 bit and all the drivers:

the system called Titan:

Coolermaster HAF 922 Case
i7 860 base clock 2.8
Gigabyte P55A-UD6
Corsair H2O CPU Cooler H50 with push (120mm Noctua) pull (supplied 1200mm) fans at radiator.
8 GB (4 x 2GB) Corsair Dominator 1600MHz with fans
2 x 1 TB WD Black HD
1 x 500 GB WD Black HD
PNY Geforce GTX 295 Graphics Card
LG Bluray re/rw with lightscribe
additional fans:
1 noctua 120mm inlet
1 x 200mm Cooler Master Red led inlet

I want to test at standard CPU settings, then the preset 'overclocking' or turbo settings onboard then finally bring the CPU upto about 4.0 GHz or better but must be stable.

Then repeat after swaping in the i7 870....

Having never overclocked before I would beg your assistance and support.

Which benchmark software would you suggest installing and where would i get them (for free)...

Looking forward to your help


(Cannuck in Ireland)
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What are you doing, a formal review? Look at reviews of CPUs recently, you will see what benchmarks to run.

They are exactly the same clock for clock, so there is no point giving hard benchmark numbers for both. Just see which one overclocks higher I suppose
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I am doing this for a couple reasons, and no NOT A FORMAL REVIEW....

1. For the FUN (or as the Irish say ... A bit of Craic (and no not the white stuff))
2. Perhaps to Learn something about overclocking and benchmarking
3. Curiousity... (and I am not a CAT although I did work for them)
4. It is easy to read the reviews... but I have designed my own rig... interested to see how my first build Performs...

So were can i find the free versions of benchmarking software...

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