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Need to update my sig rig but in the mean time here is what I am rocking.

CPU:I7 8700k
Cooling:Corsiar h100i v2
Mobo: Asus Strix Gaming-E
Memory: 2x8gb Gddr4 3200mhz TridentZ
Gpu1: GTX 1080ti (founders edition soon to be put into a loop) This is my gaming gpu
Gpu2: MSI Sea Hawk (Crypto mining card)
SSD1: samsung 850 evo 512gb
SSD2: samsung 840 pro 256gb
SSD3: Mushkin 128GB
Power Supply: Super Nova 1600 watt T2(a second 1080ti and as many other mining cards as I can muster.)
Custom built case from CaseLabs.com

Here is what I did to get my 4.7ghz
Sync all cores with a ratio of 47, disabled asus core enhancement, running xmp profile for my memory, min cache ratio 45, max cache ratio 46,( this netted my a good 10% cryptonight boost) then I set my core voltage to 1.31.

Now I have seen some claiming 4.7ghz with core voltages in the 1.2ish ranges. Is that sound about right or am I closer with my 1.31? I am trying to pull decent mining performance out of this thing but want the hardware to last as long as possible. Now you might as why I didn't opt for ryzen for mining. Well this is also my 4k/ soon to be vr rig. I just want to mine with it as well. So I need to get overclocks that are very powerfull at gaming and mining yet won't burn up my hardware in a couple of years. I guess what I am trying to figure out is, what kind of voltage is 4.7ghz typically needing.

I am also gonna have a pure performance Overclock once I pick up my second 1080ti. At this point I will get my cpu loop back up and running for the cpu. I also will set up my second loop to liquid cool my 2x 1080ti. So with that in mind can I hit 5ghz+ with a high end loop with a 420mm radiator with high end fans push pull? I am not playing around with this build. I have between $500-$750 worth of liquid cooling hardware sitting here I have collected on my last build. Now that is 2 loops worth but once I get a water block and new hose I am will have the loop set up. Just waiting for my taxes so I can pure a **** ton more money into this build. So my last 2 questions are,#1 What is the best water block money can buy for the i7 8700k? #2 with a very high end liquid cooling solution, will I be able to blow past the 5ghz+ barrier and by estimate by how far?
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