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i7 920 4Ghz on AIR!

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Currently priming the setup.

191 BCLK
1.4 vcore

Turbo and HT enabled.

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Originally Posted by Atomagenesis
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I wonder how the Ultra Kaze 3krpm or the Delta's stack up against those fans. I'm sure they would dominate all of them, but then your comp sounds like a jet taking off.

I love the sound. If you set up a fan profile in the BIOS it only revs when your CPU hits a certain load. Mine stays quiete most of the time, Even gamin. Runnin a 4 or 8 thread task causes it to rev to full blast = LOUD

To OP, I bet you could lower temps quite a bit by lowering Vcore. I doubt you would need 1.4V with only a 4ghz OC. Have you tired lower? Some people are 24hr stable at 1.31V and 4ghz. Just a thought.
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