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i7 920 50c idle? OC issues

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My brother owns a later model area 51 desktop with a i7 920 bloomfield cpu, 3 sticks of 2gb ddr3 1333mhz and its water cooled. When I checked out his system I noticed he is idling at around 50c, is this normal? It seems a bit high for idle temps to me(my amd thuban with a voltage problem idles around 20c) I also wanted to know any recommendations for OCing in his system.

this model
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my i7 920 idles at around 48 at idle and i have a h50 cooler.
So I guess around 50c is normal for a 920 with that type of cooling, now the question of recommended OCing. I tried 175x20cpu and 175x6dram and no boot, I also tried 175x20cpu and 175x8dram and no boot.
Yeah that should be no where near that hot! Check and see if the guys at dell screwed down your heatsink all the way.
well now im confused, is 50c too hot or normal or a 920? GILavco says too high and crossfired x2 says normal
I have a 950 at 4GHz with way more volts that idles at 39c with a V8 air cooler. You have a "water" cooler you have a problem.
looks to hot for my own taste... i would try and seeing what the load temps are first before i proceed to overclock more.

Btw with water cooling you will see pretty much the same idle temps as with regular air coolers... the difference lies within the load temps
Mine is about 40C at 3.45 no EIST, what matters more is load temps..
ill check load temps and get back to you guys

EDIT: I ran prime95 for a few minutes to get an idea of load temps the temp went up to 73c and stayed there for the duration of my test.
Alright here's a rundown on my past 920 heat temperature history.

On a 3.4 GHz overclock, possibly on 1.25 volts, I'll get as close as 35c on idle, 60-70 on load.
3.7-3.8 GHz on 1.27 volts, I'll get 38c idle, 65-80 (or lower) on load
4 GHz on 1.32 volts, 40c idle, 70-85c load

That was with my Ninja Scythe, push pull

On H50 push pull as well
Stock 24-30c, 40c load
3.4 GHz 29c-35c idle (depends) 50-60c load, 1.25 volts
3.8 GHz 34-37c idle, 70-75c load, 1.28 volts
4 GHz 40c idle, 80c load, 1.32 volts

There isn't much of a difference in these temps, but if you can keep the radiator cool, that'll do the best for temperatures. Hope this helps!
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