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i7 920 for $229.99 + Tax & Shipping from Microcenter.com

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Hi OCers,

FYI, I just picked up a deal from www.microcenter.com for the i7 920 in Houston Texas for $257.65 that included tax + shipping.

This is quite a savings. I know this was store pickup before. I called it in over the phone... maybe you guys can snag one at this price too!

It was:
+ $19.63 tax
+ $8.03 shipping
= $257.65 Total

i7 920 (Retail Box)
Micro Center Houston @ (713) 940-8500
SKU: 875617

I'm about ready to build a new i7/UD5 hacpro and I have all the components except the videocard.

If anyone sees any deals on a GTS250 512MB, Radeon 4850 512MB or 4870 512MB for $100-$150 please shoot me a PM.

I picked up a nice deal on a factory refurb CM690 for $45 through coolermaster direct also...

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Just get a 9800gtx+, they're the same thing as a gts250
lol, it costs £240 (incl tax) in the UK.



Originally Posted by conductor609 View Post
Just get a 9800gtx+, they're the same thing as a gts250
Make sure you listen to this guy, theyre the EXACT same thing, there is nothing at all worth paying extra for the GTS250
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Well, you can pick up a stock gts250 for $130 off the egg. IMO, it's worth that much.
Can anyone else verify the price and shipping cost because i went to the site it still says in store pick-up only. Nevermind did not see that he called the store. Il give it a try in my area. thanks
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