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hey guys, im good at other stuff... but sorry to ask... im not a noob so
i know all the terms, and such, but idk what to do lol

my specs:

i7 920 (noctua cooler)
evga x58
12gb corsair 1600mhz
ati 4650
2 x 1tb samsung spinpoint f1/f3

anyways, i started to overclock with this guide.
right now im at:

# 200mhz blck
# CPU VCore - 1.47500V
# CPU VTT - +300mV
# CPU PLL - Auto
# DIMM Voltage - 1.65V
# DIMM DQ Vref - +0mV
# QPI PLL VCore - 1.400V
# IOH VCore - 1.400V
# IOH/ICH I/O Voltage 1.650V
# ICH VCore - 1.250V
# PWM Frequency - 1067 KHz
# QPI - 4.800 GT/s
RAM 2:8 (1600mhz)

after following what the guide said (i forgot to do tRFC = 74)...

i raised the blck through windows to 205... didnt freeze
i raised it to 210... corrupted my @$#@#$ MBR

so now i've gone back to 200mhz, and ive been lowering the vcore voltage

the temps at 200 blck 1.43vcore: 34C idle, each core is around 50C

i wanna go higher, but idk what to do next...
can someone guide me?

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You probably dont need that much voltage.
Alot of people do 4.0ghz with under 1.3V

I'm kind of stuck at the same situiation.
Running 4.3ghz @ 1.28Vcore on high end water. Temperatures are no longer a factor, I just dont know what to do to get 4.4 or higher. Anything over BCLK 205 results in a no-post but @ 205 I consider myself 100% stable after significant stressing.

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Originally Posted by kashmeister
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at 1.475V, intelburntest made each core hit like 80C

at 1.35V, prime95 made it poweroff... LOL (no OS corruption this time

what should i do now?

try it @ 1.425V?
for me, a single 10mv step is like an extra 4C at the cores.
Actually, maxing at 80C core with 1.475 is downright impressive! I dont think my loop could do that!

Go into the bios' hardware monitor and check your VTT voltage. IIRC, +300mv is a bit high. You dont want to be over 1.35v

Also, click on "USER CP" at the top of the page
then on the left side, select "ADD SYSTEM" to fill in the specs of your computer so we can better assist you.

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Drop it to 200bclk and lover Vcore to 1.35 and give it a go. I have a feeling you're got too much voltage and heat.

Also, what stepping is this chip?

If it's a C0, you may well just be finding your limits.
But D0's typically hit 4ghz at less than 1.3V without issue.

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its a D0, rma from newegglast week

ive had the mobo, case, etc since like august...
it took me 2 months to figure out that my CPU was bad (faulty mem controller)
before that, i rma'd the video card, mobo, ram...haha

what were you saying about the other voltages? are they important?

200+1.35, prime95 quit, then pc freezes
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