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Hey guys i just started overclocking and shooting for 4.4

right now im at 4.0 with 20 hrs of prime5 and everything seems good.

vcore: 1.264 (stock btw)
vtt: 1.31
vdimm: 1.64
memory 8x uncore 16x qpi 36x.

My temps are 67-60 under full load with these settings which are pretty good so i wanted to shoot for 4.4

i got up to 4.2 with almost same settings, 200x21, 1.335 vtt, 1.2875 vcore.

this set up rand prime for 3-4 hrs but my max temp was still around 68-69.

So i went ahead and tried 4.4 but couldnt get it stable. My last settings.

1.375 vcore
1.395 vtt
1.64 vdimm
mem uncore and qpi are same.

With these settings i can get into windows but cant run prime. It either locks up or 101 bsod code.

So is it safe for me to go for more vcore? my vtt is pretty high too. I kinda got scared and fell back to 4.0

Also, the voltage indicator in cpuz is different then my mobobios. In cpuz it is lower by .03, any ideas?


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iirc on these chips the vcore isn't as important as the RAM and chipset voltages. I think 1.36 is recommend but I hear 1.4-1.45 24/7 with good cooling water mostly. Clocks do not mean much it is how high volts are and how cool CPU is. The cooler you go the higher volts you can withstand per say for longer durations.

I think you are referring to vdroop it is normal just have to compensate in BIOS for the windows voltage under stress load.

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Originally Posted by darewinder View Post
so should i up vcore a bit more?

My temps at 4.2 didnt hit 70. What is the threshold temp, 80?
100C is the max temp, but I wouldnt go into the 90s.

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Run it up to 1.4-1.45Vcore if you can keep it fairly cool. try and keep vtt under ~1.45V

I currently run my Vtt at 1.40V and my ram at 1.65V
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