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first post.

Ive been reading around a lot about this, but finally posting because i cant find enough info when it comes to 2000mhz ram. Having trouble getting past 3.91ghz, without temps gettin in the 80's plus crashing...

Ill start off with my system spec.

Core i7 950 (currently running at 3.91ghz stable)
cooled with Noctua H1
3x 2gb Kingston HyperX T1 2000mhz DDR3
Asus P6X58D-E mobo

plus radeon hd5870, ssd sata3 os drv.

Heres bios info
Multiplier: 23
Speedstep: Enabled
BCLK: 170
PCIE frequency: 100
RAM @ 1704mhz
CPU Voltage: 1.375
QPI: 1.625
IOH voltage: 1.3
other IOH and ICH's set to auto
DRAM voltage: 1.65
LLC: Disabled

Also any power saving things, C1E etc are turned off

So when i first set up this machine, i used the XMP profile to run the ram at 2005mhz, which set the QPI to 1.7, DRAM voltage to 1.65, IOH voltage to 1.3, so i figured 1.7 was my QPI voltage limit.

So anyway, ive tried going just slightly higher, or a fair bit higher, but cant get anything stable above this.

As soon as a boost the cpu voltage up past 1.4, temps go up to 80-85.
Should i maybe remove speedstep?

hoping someone out there might be able to help.

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Yes you should have speedstep off, but that isn't going to lower temps. You're going to need to lower your memory divider in order to o/c higher - 950's don't really like lots of memory or very high memory speeds as they have weak internal memory controllers.

With 1.4v you should easily be able to hit 4.2+ GHZ - my i7 930 used to do 4.2 @ 1.28v and most can do 4+ at 1.35, you might just have to play around with your other voltages - QPI can be a killer one to figure out.

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ok good to know, thanks for the response. Just want to know what i should set as my limits so i dont screw things up too badly

is there an issue with having voltage to high for clock speed, eg 1.4v when less than 4.2ghz?

Also, when i bumped up to 4.00 ghz, i tried every voltage i could between 1.36 and 1.42, as well as cycling through all the QPI voltages i could from 1.6 to 1.7. And couldnt get anything to stick.

just out of interest, if 950's dont like fast ram/ lots of ram, which chips from 1366 do? When i was purchasing i had no options due to stock...

re turning off speedstep + temps, temperature was mainly a problem at 1.40+ volts, at the moment im about 48-51 for idle and 75-78 under load.

I will try dropping the cpu back lower and fiddle some other voltages...

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My voltages for 185 x 23 - Ram @ 1485

My QPI is at 1.25v (NB Core)

IMO your QPI voltage is too high, also disable speedstep, C-State and EIST, enable LLC.

For up to 4.0 you should be fine right around 1.36v to go past 4.0 you should need 1.40 on average
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