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i7 980X, Motherboard, Memory ect.

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i7 980X 6 Core - $400 shipped (includes unused factory heat sink)
Asus RAMPAGE III EXTREME - $200 shipped, no box but have most everything unused air heatsinks most cables, SLI/Tri Bridges ect.
6gb Corsair GT triple channel memory DDR3 2000 SOLD
Asus RAMPAGE III EXTREME EK water block - $45 shipped

i7 980X stable at 4.7Ghz 1.50v and it will go over 5GHz on water, never pushed the voltage over 1.51v yet either.
i7 980X 6 Core + new 980x heat sink.
Asus RAMPAGE III EXTREME Factory Air cooled heat sink + EK nickel water block
New Just opened Corsair XMS Platinum series 6GB Triple channel
Bundle - $680 shipped US
Global I'll pay $10 towards shipping.

Right now the only way I'll sell is if the Motherboard and CPU go together for $610 shipped at the same time or have a buyers lined up for both because it's my current PC..

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Funds sent for the Corsair modules.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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