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i7 and SLI GTX280 Upgrade, w/First Screenie

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So, I finally bit the bullet, dropped about $750, and upgraded to an i7.

This process started when I bought a couple of GTX280’s at Fry’s last Friday (I couldn’t pass up the 269.99/each deal) with the intent of buying an SLI board and keeping my e8400/ddr2 setup …

In fact, I did TRY to do this … but the evga 750i FTW board that I picked up on Saturday … I just hated that board with a passion. The NB fan is friggin garbage, way too loud, and the whole setup is just TOO friggin HOT for my tastes … board cooling system is crap … and the board layout, apart from the 3-space SLI spacing (which is great) just generally blows … don’t even get me started on ‘the placement of the front header pins’ …

So, long story short, that baby is in my car and will be going back tonight, but in the meanwhile I picked up the proc/board/memory in my sig.

I’m gonna be posting some build pics once I have some spare time, but here’s my first screenie for y’all to take a gander at. At this point (not in the pic), I have OC’d the proc to 3.0 by moving the base clock up to 150, but I don’t wanna overvolt the thing until I get a better cooler (running stock intel ATM), so it may be a little while before I push the thing any higher. For sure, though, we’ll see what it can do on stock voltages

First impression is that this thing is REALLY ‘snappy’. Everything just happens so quick on this rig now. Something that always bugged me a little when I upgraded to C2D from A64 was that the Windows ‘snappiness factor’ had been somewhat lost (no doubt due to increased latency of it’s old FSB architecture), but on i7 it’s back again, with a vengeance. Not only do all windows and menus and such pop-up really fast, but programs also install noticeably faster, despite my loss of 1GHz of clock speed (for the moment anyway!) from my e8400 @ 4.0. The thing just ‘feels fast’ in every way.

But it’s not ACTUALLY faster in every way … I did an 06 run on the new rig, and scored a bit over 21K … but as one might expect, my scores on tests 1, 2, and 4 actually went DOWN slightly vs. my e8400 with ONE GTX280 (which scored around 18K), but my cpu tests of course went way up (nearly double), and I gained about 35% on test 3 (Canyon Flight, the only one of the 4 that’s still mostly GPU-bound), which was enough to overcome the loss on the other 3 tests and put this rig over the top.

Anyways … Like I say, build pics will be added to this board shortly … All in all, though, I’m damn happy with the new setup 

And ya know, there will be benches to follow as well …
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congrats on the upgrade. glad it was worthwhile...
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