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i7 Chip in - XFX Nforce 680i SLI Motherboard

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Can I use a i7 Chip on my XFX Nforce 680i SLI Motherboard ? At the moment ive got Q6600 Chip.

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No... different socket, different architecture.
Most definitely not. 680i is a socket 775, i7 is either 1156 or 1366.
no sorry the sockets are different. its like the square peg round hole scenerio
sry bro
need to get a 1366 or 1156 MOBO
the others are right
if you want to use i7 you need to sell your mobo+q66 to buy the respective motherboard and cpu (1156 or 1366)
you cannot use an i7 chip in that mobo. time to upgrade! doo eet!
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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