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i7 chipset and cooling

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I was looking at upgrading my PC and i am seeing that its not as high price as i thought. My main question is on the i7 9** chip, how easy is it to get to 4ghz-4.5ghz on aircooling, say what is in my sig below? I was thinking of getting the 950 but if the 920 can do it just the same then I can save the money. Someday when WC comes into it I want to shot for 5ghz-5.50ghz I also know that MB has alot to do with the OC, I am thinking about EVGA Classified the 3xsli not the 4.
Thank you for your time and info.
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5ghz daily use is very head-in-the-clouds

Most i7 920's can do 4ghz on good air cooling.
Personally, mine did 4.2ghz with just a dark knight cooler, but I guess mine clocks really well also. Although on water, I seem to be hitting a wall at 4.3ghz

It really is going to depend on the chip.

also, get a 920. It OC's just as high. The only chips that OC better are the "Extreme Edition" chips that are $1,000+
so there is no real difference between the 920 and the 950 other that the 059 is alread OC to 3.06 ghz? Just trying to deside if the extra $250 is worth it or now. Also if I was to replace my zalman 9500 cooler for the i7 what is a great one that i can get for a good place like newegg or even a few of the others that are just as good as newegg. I have never order from anyone but newegg so not sure of other compaies.
The 950 is definitely NOT worth the extra $250

A good, high end, air cooler is going to be either a Thermalright True or Prolimatech Megahalem, but lots of coolers work great out there, just find one you like.
the better the 920 ship the higher chances of getting those top clocks, because of the higher multipliers and the like, for the rest of the post im using the i7 920 the ebst deal at 200$ as a reference)

if you can get a good chip (probably D0 | b batch) then 4.0/4.2 ghz at sub 1.4 volts should defiantely be feasible for air cooling with a good cooler and airflow

after 4.2ghz the voltages start going up nearly exponentially i.e.
(keep in mind at the same time since your NB freq rises you should have to increase your VVT aswell = more heat)

4.4ghz - 1.45
4.6 - 1.5
4.7 - 1.55
4.8 - 1.6

but the truth is every chip is different, I've seen peopel run 4.2ghz a 1.3 volts while my chip needs 1.44ish to run at the same speed, it's all the luck of the draw, either way i wouldn't reccomend running ANY overclock 24/7 at over 1.45 volts

very few boards (and chips for that matter) can make it over 4.7ghz some even over 4.6, you really need good ram (and ram timings), good cooling and good tweaking abilities. very few have made it over 5.0ghz, of those few only a handful have done so on water (there are only 1 or 2 people on HWbot with superpi results taken on watercooled PCs). the others generally are using some type of extreme cooling to get up near 5.0ghz (at vcores at and above 1.55+++) like DICE / LN2 / Phase change/ TEC, etc...

evga classy is one of those boards that can actualyl get up around there, that and the bloodrage and the classy. many times these boards actually require hardware mods to be able to get up above blks over 220-225mhz (i.e over 4.7ghz) because wheen you get up in that area you really need to push your hardware to its limits.

hope that helped
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Is that 920 D0 a 920 d0 stepping? I was trying to find the one you where talk ing about.
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