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mr ebay... good luck as there are practically zero public builders for that kinda setup in the US. you won't need 3500 dollars for a good phase unit though.. a good cascade system isn't anywhere near that.
just nol. although he isn't of much help with a broken arm, but hey if you want i can build you a cruddy r134a chiller
, and yes $3500 is more then enough. that is enough for a 3 stage cascade(possible 4 stage if you get a builder willing to do it for $3500) or a large auto cascade. either way you would see load temps of no more then -120c.

for todays cpu's the only thing that can rely be used is a phase water chiller, 2 stage cascade, or an auto cascade, because the problem is that 5 ft of .031 cap tube is only capable of holding 285watts. which an overclocked quad can reach over 300watts. chillers can be made to handle many thousands of watts. commonly around 2,500watts it can be tuned for but will only get around -30c, but it is tuned high enough to cool your entire rig not just your cpu.

if you want to go with a cascade or auto cascade all i rely have to say is good luck. there is basically nothing left for builders in the us, and most won't ship over sea's because of the hassle with the department of transportation and the epa.

if you got any questions i am here to help, i know hvac/r, i just suck at tuning them is all.
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