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i7 Storm Damage?

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Yesterday in Brisbane we had a thunderstorm, it wasn't the worst we have had but my new computer that i've had for like 2 months wouldn't start after the storm moved on. Of course i turned the computer off and made sure the leads were unplugged.

I plugged my leads back into the wall and went to turn on the computer but all i heard was weird static for like 1-2 seconds near my surge protection device and the computer would not start.

When my computer was working my computer still had a light within the case
(even when i turned it off at the earth) glowing for some odd reason, of course it's not glowing anymore since the storm.

What might have happened to my computer? The power supply failed? Do you think my gpu, cpu etc have been damage?

Wondering if anyone else had similiar experiences!!
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Unplug your computer and touch the case with your hand, then with your other hand touch something like a radiator, or something else that is earthed or grounded, do this for 20 seconds it will take all the static electricity out of your case,

Secondly make sure it didnt blow the tripswitch at your switchbord, if it tripped the switch you will have to flip it to the green position.

good luck mate
Another thing to check may be your surge strips, if they've got a surge, such as power fluctuations as the grid's restored, they typically lock out permanently. Try bypassing them, but only to see if they're the problem!
yeah I would guess you have a problem with the surge protector lol. change it out or reset it...if that does not work then try a different wall socket. after that try taking your PSU out and test it by jumping a black wire to the green one on the 20/24pin. I just use a paperclip and bend it into a V then squish it in.
Plug a fan into the PSU so you can see if it powers on when you flip the switch.
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