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i7 UD5 OC help

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Got a Gigabyte UD5 mobo with 6gb of Viper 1333 (7-7-7-20)memory in it.
Stuck at 3.887Ghz.
What are somethings to look for in oc'ing. I am very new to all this.
1st Build, 1st OC. Although I have talked to a lot of people who have done it quite a bit. I still need direction.
I have Everything at STOCK EXCEPT:

Multi= 20x
Vcore= 1.30000v
ram= x6- underclocked
voltage=1.65 I think. might be 1.66 or 1.64

I want to be at 3.8Ghz with temps around 70C at Full load after 8 hours of Prime. That is just what my comfort zone is with air cooling. Plus if I can get it stable at 3.8 with low 70's temps I can go for 4.0 at under 80. LOL
Its addictive.
But no really. Please help me

Right now I am at 3.887Ghz with temps on Core 0 (my hotest core) reaching 78C at full load during an 9 hour Prime test.
At these settings I cannot lower my vcore to 1.27500 for sure. It rebooted at <1 hour. I have not tried the 2 other settings <1.3000v but I don't think that two voltage steps are going to yield me with much cooler temps than I am running now.

Please help point me in the direction of a seasoned OC'er.

What should I start off doing? Reseating CPU? 19 vs. 20 multi?
Lower Bclk. OCing Memory, chaning timing?

I think Memory is where its crapping out on me, but I am not sure.
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