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Originally Posted by NOS KIA
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Got a Gigabyte UD5 mobo with 6gb of Viper 1333 (7-7-7-20)memory in it.
Stuck at 3.887Ghz.
What are somethings to look for in oc'ing. I am very new to all this.
1st Build, 1st OC. Although I have talked to a lot of people who have done it quite a bit. I still need direction.
I have Everything at STOCK EXCEPT:

Multi= 20x
Vcore= 1.30000v
ram= x6- underclocked
voltage=1.65 I think. might be 1.66 or 1.64

I want to be at 3.8Ghz with temps around 70C at Full load after 8 hours of Prime. That is just what my comfort zone is with air cooling. Plus if I can get it stable at 3.8 with low 70's temps I can go for 4.0 at under 80. LOL
Its addictive.
But no really. Please help me

Right now I am at 3.887Ghz with temps on Core 0 (my hotest core) reaching 78C at full load during an 9 hour Prime test.
At these settings I cannot lower my vcore to 1.27500 for sure. It rebooted at <1 hour. I have not tried the 2 other settings <1.3000v but I don't think that two voltage steps are going to yield me with much cooler temps than I am running now.

Please help point me in the direction of a seasoned OC'er.

What should I start off doing? Reseating CPU? 19 vs. 20 multi?
Lower Bclk. OCing Memory, chaning timing?

I think Memory is where its crapping out on me, but I am not sure.

Your settup is like mine but my ram is my OC'ing bottleneck. Try setting ur uncore to x16 and your QPI / Vtt Voltage to 1.28 or 1.30.

What does your "Advanced CPU setting" look like?

Right now I'm only at 3.465mhz while keep my vcore at 1.2, vtt 1.2 and dram 1.5 but if I up my bclk by 5mhz i get bsod. bclk at 165. All of these are BIOS readings and not actual CPU-Z readings. I'm hoping to get 3.8 stable one day but I'm lazy and the high temps scare the **** out of me. I'd rather be safe.
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