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i7 Vtt got me completely confused.

I was trying to o/c to 4.0ghz with a i7 920 using the this guide:


I've got a blendx24 hours, and linx x20 25k problem set stable at the following volts:

Vcore 1.31 cpu-z
Vtt 1.34
IOH 1.24
Mem 1.6

I tried lowering VTT one notched down at a time, but would get BSOD with linx. Lowest VTT that seem stable was 1.32.

I was getting the occasional BSOD when coming out of sleep, so I knew my system was not stable.

Well, on a whim, I set VTT back to 1.1 (stock) and also IOH to 1.1 which is also stock. Kept all other settings the same.

So far Linx has been stable after 20 runs. I'm currently running custom blend 4096k and no problem so far.

It seems like we may not need to mess with vtt after all.
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