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I920/Corsair 6Gb C8D/Sapphire 5870 motherboard needed

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Hello Guys,
As the thread is named,I need a little help from you side.Any reply is toked in consideration as I need much help here to decide witch motherboard should I buy.I´m balancing between Rampage II Extreme and Gigabyte X58-UD5/Gigabyte X58 Extreme. OC will be done on CPU(TRUE+2Noctua NF1300), no CF needed(single 5870 or maybe 5950 when it will be available).PSu I have Corsair 750TX, I think it´s enough for the sistem!Also memory Corsair kit 3X2 Gb (C8D) will be used on this,hope that this memory kit will work on 1600Mhz like stock. Any compatibilty issues? Witch motherboard and why? I will apreciate all the help and coments you will made here!Budget is not a Problem and EVGA is not available in Romania!many thanks in advance,+rep will be given.
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Thanks for you sugestions and you help!I will look in other forum/threads..
I think u try and wait for the new 1366 mobos with SATA 6GB and USB 3.0
If you're going to do extreme overclocking then I'd say go with the Rampage II Extreme or the GENE.

If you want a moderate overclock for 24x7 work, I'd say go with one of ASUS' workstation boards. I have the P6T6 WS Revolution and it's been rock solid for almost a year. Highest OC this board has pulled is 4GHz (200x20) though I usually run it well below that for 24x7 compute jobs.
I have heard the P6T version has faulty RAM slots so beware..

Originally Posted by StrongmanSal
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I have heard the P6T version has faulty RAM slots so beware..

I have heard that most of these problems were due to the user not configuring the RAM correctly in the BIOS. YMMV
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