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Greetings Earthlings,

My name is blewb, and I am not from this planet or familiar with your primitive technology, and I just found an intel i9900k floating through space during one of my frequent trips to the sun to collect hydrogen. I decided to take it home and hook it up to a toaster in my kitchen, but it's not toasting my breeb enough! So I decided to try to "overclock" the fossil, but the toaster turned blue a couple of times and I gave up and tried looking elsewhere..could not find the information in the history books on my planet, so I decided I would ask you all here, through x-ray interstellar fios.

I have,
intel i9900k
asus formula x mobo ( bios 2503)
evga gtx 1080ti
samsung 970 evo m.2
32gb corsair vengeance rgb pro @ 3200mhz? idk
evga g3 1000w psu
a ridiculous custom loop with a d5 next pump and 1 x 360 rad and 1 x 240 rad and 8 x 120mm fans on the rads and 1 x 140mm fan at the back of the case.
windows 10 64bit (19042.804) (20h2)

So yea, I've been able to get 5.1ghz stable with aida64 stress test including fpu. I was hoping that 1 of you incredibly smart humans could help give me some quick tips advice to
get to the max clock that my cpu/cooling can handle.

There seems to be some educated finesse need to find that sweet spot, and I am not too keen on voltages and all the other things listed in my bios..

(that means thank you in lskudian)
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