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IDE to SATA converter

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I've got this converter. When I try to start the machine (Dell XPS420) with the harddrive connected to the first SATA port it sits at the start up screen and then tells me the 'AHCI BIOS is not installed'. I looked around the web and found some info saying that I would need to install the correct drivers off the Windows XP disc but I also saw some info on switching the SATA mode to RAID instead of Automatic. Anyone had experience with something like this?
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I had the same issue with a Gigabyte board i had a month ago. It came with the drivers install disk so i installed everything, but every time it booted it wasted about 5 sconds telling me that the drivers are working properly and that i don't have to worry about a thing in my life even if the world would end....it was too annoying to bare so i switched back to Asus. Anyways either you try to find the right drivers over the net or just don't waste your time and get a PCI SATA card.
Hmm... so basically I just need to get a new harddrive? Actually could I just copy the information from the IDE drive to a SATA drive? Anyone know of some free software that would do that?
i have the exact same model. it does not work for me. i would also like to know.
Have you gone into your BIOS to enable your sata?
Well as far as I can tell the only options having to do with sata are Raid On and something else like ATA mode with Raid. But neither of these seem to change anything.
Did you hook up the power connector?

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Did you hook up the power connector?

Yes, both the power connector for the converter and harddrive were plugged in and I changed them to different connectors to make sure.
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Bump. Still need to get this figured out.
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