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Ide to sata

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idk if this is the right section, but i have an ide cd drive that i need to use. I bought the adapter, but it won't work. Also it takes 5 min more to bootup just because of the ide drive.
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I'm not sure if all adapters will work with optical drives; they're mainly intended for HDDs. Also, the orientation is important; if the adapter is connected upside-down then it won't work.
this is the adapter im using right now
It makes my computer load slower than normal, and the ide drive wont work
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The adapter is a piece of :turd: i'mma return it. The adapter doesn't work with my cd drive or my hard drive

EDIT: ... bought another adapter i thought was right, turns out to be SATA to IDE -_____-" Can anybody help me find an IDE to Sata adapter that actually WORKS
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Sorry for the question, but someone else in this forum doesn't connected the power to a similar converter. Have you connected a floppy power cord to the power connector on your first converter ? It doesn't works without it and, from the specs, it should work with CDROMs.
Wait.... floppy power adapter?
does it look like?
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I have one of these. You have to make sure the jumper on the back of the HDD or cd drive is set to master, otherwise it wont work. Also the power thing, if you didnt have one hooked up. The floppy power cord should be on the same cord as the 4 pin molex and it is a small square one
Oh i see it now =___= i bought the adapter and it never explained anything to me
Instructions ftl
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Why not just get a sleeved IDE cable and attach that instead of messing with the sata connectors.
Because my mobo doesnt support IDE, so i have to use Ide to Sata
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