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[ign] Fight Night Round 4 First Look

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I can see it won't take much longer before games look absolutely real.
it's in the ps3 version but says it will hit all platforms. Except the puny wii.
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Can't wait for this one. Round 3 looked amazing on the 360, I can't imagine how good this will look.
well, you could just look at the picture in the link. ?
I dont get why the article says that the graphics have been toned down? That looks a damsight better than round 3 to me.
they mean, fight night 3 was a huge step up from previous games before it

but compared to games now, fn4 isn't that much better

ex, fnr3 had a huge gap because it was mostly the first next gen game and the graphics were amazing, now there are lots of amazing games so fnr4 doesn't have a big gap
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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