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For centuries, man has been predicting the end of the world as we know it. The Mayans, Nostradamus, R.E.M. - they've all been singing the same tune. What none of them managed to predict however, was that the world would be destroyed by Call of Duty. Well, the world of video games, at least.

Why? Money, mostly. Big business savvy will always copy rather than create. It's easier, and the herd at large (you) won't turn dissent into action (by not playing the game), which would in turn either force evolution or result in overdue dismantlement à la Guitar Hero. We're gamers; we have a unique addiction that we love to death yet argue for and against constantly, hoping it will improve itself but feeling more or less powerless either way. It's not wholly unlike being the ***** in a relationship. Simply asking gamers not to play the latest and greatest is totally unfeasible. What it really takes is the stumbling of the status quo to fire up the signal flare of change, and while Homefront's crippled offensive is a very disappointing thing indeed for gamers, it is also a means to a much greater end. It is a Call of Duty copycat that ticks all the right boxes, but fails to rise above campaign gameplay mediocrity. Perhaps it will be the last straw?
I am surprised to see this from IGN. It's from their 360 site, but I felt it was very relevant for our PC forums.


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