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Originally Posted by bedrockhorror View Post
yes that is correct, I would love to play dawn of war and all, if I didnt have to pay for it every month, if I own the game why do I need to pay every month for it, where does my money go, to them expanding the game and helping the company, or to the pockets and them spending my money the way they want to.
What the heck are you on about?

The original Dawn of War was just a bog standard CD based game, I got my copy free with a (used) Collectors Edition of Company of Heroes, which in itself I payed about $3.

If you mean the continuous expansion packs for Dawn of War I, they weren't quite monthly. You have to pay for Dawn of War 2, because it's a brand new game.

Company of Heroes is very much the same format, except this is the second one only (expansion pack). You don't have to pay monthly for anything.

Edit: Are you thinking of Warhammer Online, which is something completely different? (And not even made by Relic anyway)
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