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All I can say is, in respect to the forums and negativity about lag, poor gameplay, bad visuals, that has not been my experience at all. Darkfall is a viable contender for your money if you like FFA sandbox MMOs. Obviously there are issues that need to be addressed. I was lucky to get an account, which obviously should not be a hurdle for potential customers. But if Aventurine can nail the most rampant problems and issues, this game can be a great alternative to the corporate offerings we have now. I am amazed at what Aventurine has created with Darkfall. With corporate game companies shifting resources towards consoles, and game media constantly proclaiming the death of PC gaming, small independents like Aventurine could be the future. Let's hope Aventurine can adequately tend to the issues that exist as well as efficiently, but quickly get more servers online to grow Darkfall into a successful MMORPG. As for me, it appears I've found a new home.
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