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Im a n00b can I...

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Overclock my toshiba laptop I read on here dell and others were not over clockible but no one said anything about toshiba and if so how do I.

Also are there any quick fixes for these things like ooo idk a way to eep the fan on instead of it auto turning off after a certian degree.

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Overclocking a laptop would end in it melting itself. The cooling on it is sub par.
I agree, even custom built laptops stuggle with temps, i wouldn't advise it unless you live in a freezer
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Im sure theres a way to overclock it but its highly unrecommended. You'll need hacked drivers and BIOSes and the laptop will overheat and break.
That was super fast lol. Well besides OC'in it how can i keep it cool?
maybe custom build a laptop cooler with 80mm fans under the intake holes of the lapp (blowing up of course)...thats the best you can do with air cooling...

orrr...take one of those AC units and rig it to blow through a pipe right up your laptop's intakes
With a Laptops confined airflow the components get Hot at stock as it is...Overclocking will only increase the heat..I dont reccomend it
Enterprise yes i realize that i typed it and must of not been paying attension(duh) but ill rig something upp soon What are some of the things i should get
There isnt really anything you can Rig up to a laptop too make it cool enough to overclock..Sorry.
Well to cool it better, you can be daring and pull the thing apart, remove the stock cooler, lapp it, apply AS5 and replace the small fan with a higher flow one. Then get a nice laptop chiller. That should drop temps a good bit. Though even after that i still wouldnt reccomend overclocking a laptop, unless you custom water cool the thing, which would be awesome!
while u charge it, keep it in the freezer overnight...
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