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Im a noob and i give u permission to make fun of me

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i went to empty my recycling bin on my desktop, and i accidentally deleted the bin itself. How do i get it back? I cant exactly go in the the recycling bin and restore it.... lol
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1) Right click the Vista Desktop
2) Click on Personalize
3) Select: 'Change desktop icons'
4) At the Desktop Icon Settings, place a tick next to: 'Recycle Bin'.
lmao dont worry I've done that before

It's easy, just right click, choose personalization. Then just click "Change Desktop Icons" and select what you want to restore (recycle bin in your case).

Done it myself before.
lol I just did that the other day!
Don't worry I have done it myself, although it took me a while to actually realize that it wasn't on my desktop anymore. Haha
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