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im lost w/ overclockin the abit an8 sli

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ok first off here's my specs-

3800 X2 BH E4 stepping
Abit An8-SLi
2gb corsair xms 2-3-3-6
MSI 7800 GT

im not new to overclocking, just with the 64 bit amd's. the last system i had was an nf7-s w/ 1700+ oc'd to 2.45. i loved it- was stable for 2 years=

well i going through all the guides on overclocking the 64 bit system. i understand the structure of it- about HTT and the memory controller. i think- anyways- anyone out there that can help me with the basic settings to hit 2.4 on the 3800 x2? it wont over clock at all= so im missing something big. the one setting i cant find is the memory divider?!?!?! where is it?!?!?! i know its right in front of me. i need help- im getting dumber by the minute here.

1.ive done all the memory timings already-i know i might have to relax them to overclock -
2. tried changing external clock- nope=
3. turned off cool and quiet
4.found the HTT multiplier. dont quite understand how it works
5.cant find memory divider
6.voltage with 3800 x2 with air cooling?
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First...Please add you system to your Profile via the "USER CP @ top of page ... it helps us help you.

The HTT term is confusing.
1. It's like the FSB when refering to the CPU.
2. It's relative to the RAM too!

When you increase the HTT to OC the CPU and it's effect on the RAM...
1. The Default HTT of the RAM is multiplyed by 5 to = 1000MHz ... that multiplyer is refered to as the LDT. You want to keep the RAM's HTT between 800-1000MHz so...
When you raise the CPU's HTT to 201-250 reduce the LDT multiplyer to 4x
for 251-333 use 3x.
The LDT (or memory controler) also has a voltage factor which may be increased .1 to .3v to inprove RAM stability!
As you increase the RAM's speed via the HTT the RAM will also require more voltage. It may also require a divider and timing adjustments for higher stable speeds.
1. Timings... you may require CAS2.5 or even CAS3
2. Changing the CPC or Command rate to 2T from 1T will also improve stability
3. Setting the RAM to 166, 133 or 100 MHS is involking the "Divider" which will slow the RAM's bus speed so that it can run stable at comparitively slower speeds to the CPU!
How to find the RAM's top speed.
Use the above information, set the CPU's multiplyer to about 2-3x lower than default. This will allow you to up the HTT and effect the RAM's speed and keep the CPU underclocked so that it wont become instable.
How to OC the CPU ...
1. Up the vcore to gain stability with higher HTT settings.
2. Set the RAM to 100 or 133 MHz so it is under clocked so that it won't effect the CPU's OCing.

Always check for stability with memtest 86, OCCT and Prime95!
Make your increases in small incriments, that way when you find instability you can back down and probably avoid crashes and possible OS reloading
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