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im stumped

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I just built this comp about a month ago:

Processor - C2D E6300
Motherboard - Asus Sli
Memory - 1 gig OCZ dual channel
VC - nvidia 7950 GT
hd - Sata seagate 200gb

My using a Thermal Take Big Typhoon w/ Artic Silver 5. My Temps are steady at 38 idle and 41 under a load. I cant seem to get my temps any lower then that. Can anyone help me..im a noobie to these things >_<
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Ambient temperatures?

What are you using to see your temperatures?
welcome to overclock.net.
Fill out your computer specs under your user control panel.

Anyways, is your processor stock or currently overclocked? Also, what computer case and case fans do you have?
3C diff. between load and idle..something's wrong.
Lap the BT, get a higher CFM fan on it, and put some heatsinks on the top of the base... that will drop your idle by 10C.
ok.. I have speedfan, HMonitor, and PC probe 2... My CPU is at 38, My sockets at 30 , northbridge is at 32
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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