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im thinking about to sleeving

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i've been reading thro old post.. but im still confuse with the sizes and length i need to do my rig.. most differently i want to do all my connection.. as you could see in my sig i have ax850 psu, about 12fans, 2 pumps, 2 hd, cd drive and fan controller and some slack.

im looking at MDPC but there size and price is throwing me off lol, im also checking out http://cableorganizer.com/nylon-multifilament/..
can someone help me out with how much would i need to complete my rig.. appreciate it... thx.
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That's a lot of sleeving. The only way to figure out how much you need with all that you listed is to measure each cable. I can't even guess how much sleeving you will need. I know its a pain but measuring is the only way to know.

MDPC-X is quality sleeving and the price reflects that. The nylon you linked will look great but its expensive compared to paracord (which is basically the exact same thing). Paracord is much cheaper (also comes in a couple dozen colors) and I think it looks nicer than MDPC-X (though it is more difficult to work with). It can be had for $7 per 100 ft. You can read up on sleeving with paracord here: http://www.overclock.net/case-mods-general-discussion/775454-cheap-beautiful-sleeving-guide-now-offering.html
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hey thx for the link... rep 1 for you
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You could actually go to review or manufacturer sites for cable lenghts. Review sites such as Jonny-guru.

Cheers - Jason.
ok just ordered
450 black 100'
450 royal blue 100'
450 white 100'
450 black 50'
20' of heatshrink.
grand total of 50
hope this is enough lol (its probably is
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Last build i used CableOrganizer.com's sleeving, and its VERY nice. In the case, you cant see through it.

In flash light


Blue LED light, side off


UV CCFL, side off


Blue LED, side on


And, now this build im using the paracord in black and royal blue, dual floppy modular cable for mobo power.

With flash



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nice man.. i just receive my heatshrink and paracords today its gonna be a busy week
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