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Image Back Up

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If i use alcohol to backup my fallout 3 installer and make it separate the image every 4gb. would it still be able to install the fallout 3 (the 2 disc backup)?
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oh well.. i tried it and it doesnt burn as 2 separate ISO files.. how can i separate a 5.51gb dvd to 2 smaller dvds to 4gb and 1.51gb dvds which are installable (will ask for the second dvd to continue installation) ? any help ?
Purchase a Dual-Layer and burn it onto that..?

You can't split it unless you take all the data and create your own installer perhaps. Or, you can put them in a rar. Good luck with that.
sadly there are no dual layer discs available here... dunno why.. been looking very hard too..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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